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Inspire. Believe. Achieve.

Welcome to Harper Green School

It is my privilege to offer you a warm welcome to Harper Green. As a school we are proud of the achievements and success of our pupils. The dedication of our highly professional and motivated staff ensures that each child flourishes in a secure and happy environment.

All our staff share a relentless commitment to ensuring that each and every lesson is engaging, challenging and suited to the learning needs of each individual. This is underpinned with a strong pastoral team creating an inclusive environment where every child feels safe, happy and valued. As a school our beliefs are simple, that each individual leaves Harper Green with the qualifications and skills needed to achieve

Mr S Gribbon, Headteacher

Our Mission

Our Curriculum

  • English
  • Numeracy
  • Maths
  • Science
  • P.E
  • French
  • ICT
  • PSHE
  • Technology
  • Learning Support
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Education
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Art &
  • Music

Our Mission Statement

"Raising Achievement and Enjoyment For All"

The main aims of the school are:

  • 1. To ensure equal value and importance to the education of each individual child regardless of ability, to encourage curiosity and promote a love of learning and pride in themselves, their school and community.
  • 2. To give each pupil the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential, personally, socially and academically within a rewarding and stimulating school environment which provides tangible qualifications where possible to assist progression in life and learning.
  • 3. To support each pupil with the appropriate care, information, advice and guidance to help them achieve their potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives.
  • 4. To provide each pupil with a broad education which balances practical skills and knowledge with appreciation and facility in sport, creativity and enterprise.
  • 5. To develop characteristics of independence, a strong work ethic and the transferable knowledge & skills to adapt in a fast-changing environment and thrive in the world of work.
  • 6. To promote within the child an understanding of social, moral, cultural and spiritual values and to develop a caring community based upon mutual respect and consideration for all individuals and cultures.
  • 7. To instil high standards of behaviour and self-discipline and prepare pupils to be active and productive members of society.
  • 8. To develop in pupils understanding of issues associated making healthy choices in life and protecting personal safety & wellbeing.