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Art Curriculum Overview 2017/18

Photography Curriculum Overview 2017/18

Key Stage 3




Assessment 1: Skills school

Assessment of Observational Drawing, Imaginative Drawing & Descriptive Writing in order for target setting to take place followed by study of the formal elements of Art, including Tone, Colour, Mark-making, Painting, Blending, Line, Shape & Form.  Studies of artists work inspire a final Observational Drawing.


Assessment 2: Cultural Art

Studying the artwork of a variety of different cultures including: Chinese, East African, Eastern Europe, Islamic and Indian.


Assessment 3: Fantasy Buildings

Studying the artwork and architectural style of the artist Hundertwasser.




Assessment 1: Me, Myself & I (studying  a range of artists that create artwork in the format of journals about their lives)


Assessment 2: Fauve Faces (studying a variety of artists who use different portrait techniques)


Assessment 3: Things with Wings (studying a variety of artists who use winged creatures as their inspiration to produce a 3D/Relief piece)




Assessment 1: Urban Decay (studying the contemporary local artist Ian Murphy who uses architecture as his inspiration)


Assessment 2: Tasty Treats (studying a variety of artists who use food in their work)


Assessment 3: Doodle Art (studying a variety of contemporary artists, zentangle artists and illustrators who use doodles as their inspiration)




Key Stage 4


The Art & Design GCSE course aims to provide pupils with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities in which they can explore their interests in ways that are personally relevant and developmental in nature.


The course is divided into two units:


Portfolio of work, which will include more than one extended collection of work, and should demonstrate an ability to sustain work from initial starting points set by staff.


Controlled Test, which lasts for ten hours, and pupils are required to produce a personal response from an externally set question paper.



Future Opportunities


GCSE Art & Design opens up a wide range of possibilities for a career in the future. Many GCSE Art & Design students go on to study the subject at A level and degree level at university, whilst others use the skills they have developed to study in a variety of areas such as Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Computer Game design, Primary School teaching, Secondary School Art teaching or working with children in other capacities.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities


KS3 Art Club (lunchtimes)

KS4 Support Sessions (lunchtimes/after school)

Year 11 Intervention (Friday after school)

GCSE Art Exhibition

Creative Arts Days

The Best of Bolton Art Exhibition

Art Competitions