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Extreme Weather Conditions

The school policy with regards to extreme weather condition is as follows:

The health and safety of both pupils and staff will always be our priority.

We will endeavour to remain open at all times unless the health & safety of the pupils is at risk.

Should the weather conditions cause us concern details of any school closure will be posted on the school website from 7:30am.

Should the school need to close and the children be sent home, we will inform parents of closure in the following ways:

Text Message

School website


School phone message

(01204 572941/574991/573540)

School Facebook page

(Harper Green School)

Harper Green Twitter


Local Radio Stations

(Key 103, Capital, BBC Radio Manchester)

The Bolton News Website

The Year Teams will ensure that any pupils who are unable to travel home are supervised in school and we will endeavour to contact a relative.

It may be in your best interests to make arrangements for your child in the event of school closure.

We advise all pupils to wear appropriate clothing during these extreme weather conditions to ensure they arrive at school safely.

Wellington boots will be acceptable for school and may be worn around the site. Normal plain black school shoes are also acceptable.

Winter coats are recommended but hoodies & sweatshirts are not considered acceptable. All coats must be removed in lessons.