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Mission Statement & ethos


“Raising Achievement and Enjoyment For All”


 The main aims of the school are:


  1. To ensure equal value and importance to the education of each individual child regardless of ability, to encourage curiosity and promote a love of learning and pride in themselves, their school and community.


2.  To give each pupil the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential, personally, socially and academically within a rewarding and stimulating school environment which provides tangible qualifications where possible to assist progression in life and learning.


3.  To support each pupil with the appropriate care, information, advice and guidance to help them achieve their potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives.


4.  To provide each pupil with a broad education which balances practical skills and knowledge with appreciation and facility in sport, creativity and enterprise.  


5.  To develop characteristics of independence, a strong work ethic and the transferable knowledge & skills to adapt in a fast-changing environment and thrive in the world of work.


6.  To promote within the child an understanding of social, moral, cultural and spiritual values and to develop a caring community based upon mutual respect and consideration for all individuals and cultures.


7.  To instil high standards of behaviour and self-discipline and prepare pupils to be active and productive members of society.


8.  To develop in pupils understanding of issues associated making healthy choices in life and protecting personal safety & wellbeing.