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Admission Details

Admission Details – New Starters from Primary to Secondary School

Applying for a school place takes time and effort, and as a parent/carer you will want to get it right.

If your child is going in to Year 6 (2018/19) you will need to apply for a secondary school place. All pupils of transfer age, Year 6 (2018/19), who live in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton may apply to Harper Green School. We also welcome applications from outside of the Borough. All pupils are admitted without reference to aptitude or ability.

Harper Green offers you the opportunity to visit the school and take a tour of the site, providing you with the opportunity to visit all the departments, meet the staff and pupils, take part in activities and see for yourself our up to date facilities and resources. Whilst also allowing you the opportunity to gain a feel for the atmosphere and ethos of our school.

The date of our Open Evening this year is Thursday 20th September, 5.30pm – 8.00pm.

Detailed information regarding Year 6 transfer applications can be found in the Bolton Council Admission Booklet together with a list of all the Bolton secondary schools, names and addresses available. For more information please check Bolton Council's Secondary School Places section of their website http://www.bolton.gov.uk/website/pages/Secondaryschoolplaces.aspx.

Year 6 Transfer from Primary to Secondary School 2019

From August you can apply for a school place online at www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions

Completing your preference form

If you pay council tax to Bolton Local Authority and your child is in Year 6 of primary school (2018/19) you will receive a letter that explains how you can apply online. If you are unable to apply online we will send a paper application later in September 2018. You must complete a preference form or online application if you want a place in a secondary school in September 2019.

Returning the form

If you are posting in the application please return the form directly to; Bolton Council, Pupil and Student Services, Town Hall, Bolton BL1 1RU, to arrive at Pupil and Student Services no later than 31st October 2018. If you want to hand the application form in you should put it in an envelope addressed to Pupil and Student Services and hand it in at the One Stop Shop in the Town Hall and obtain a receipt.

Please note that if you are completing a paper application you are strongly advised to obtain proof of posting by recorded delivery.  You do not need to submit an online application.

Applying online

If you are a resident of Bolton you will receive a letter that invites you to apply online. You will need to set up an account using a valid email address and password, and provide your child's details.

The online application website www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions  will be available from the end of August 2018 until the deadline, 31 October 2018.

To apply online go to www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions. You will need to register your details, a valid email address, and set a password. Please make a note of your password; you will not be able to make an application without it. Instructions about applying online can be found on the website.

Please note that if you are applying online you do not need to submit a paper application form.

Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan

If your child has an Education, Health & Care Plan, you child’s primary school will discuss secondary school placement at the annual review or Person Centred Transfer Review (PCR) in either Year 5 or Year 6. You will receive a preference form for secondary school. You should apply online or complete the paper form and return by 31 October 2018.

If you are considering a place at a secondary special school for your child, this will have been discussed at the annual review or Person Centred Transfer Review (PCR). You can identify your preference of special school on the form, but also need to identify your preference for a mainstream school in case your child is not offered a special school place.

National offer day for secondary school places

The school admissions code of practice gives the national offer day as the 1 March 2019. Bolton Local Authority will post out offer letters regarding secondary school places on this day. An e-mail offer will also be sent to all parents/carers that have applied online.

Information regarding the school place offered will not be given out before 1 March 2019. If you are on holiday when the offer letters are sent out, no special arrangements will be made to give information out to parents/ carers before 1 March 2019.

Transferring Your Child between Secondary Schools

If your child is already at secondary school in Bolton and you want to transfer to another Bolton secondary school, please click here to find out more.