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Harper Green

A Message to Year 11 Students and Families

Published on 19th March 2020

Yesterday's announcement has affected all our students, especially Year 11. The news that all assessments and exams are being cancelled has brought uncertainty over how you will get your results. While we await further clarification from the Education Secretary on how GCSE and BTEC grades will be calculated, it is vital that we proceed as planned. You need to continue completing the work set on Go4Schools, revise, and demonstrate to your teachers that you are capable of the best grades possible.

Even though most of you will not be coming into the school building, Harper Green will be here for you. Your teachers are ready to respond to any emails, questions and concerns you may have. The school will keep you up to date with any information and changes. We will work hard to set up contact with further education and training providers to assist you with your future endeavours, and let's not forget that we need to plan the prom!

We wish you all good health at this challenging time and be assured that we will fight to get each and every Year 11 student the best possible grades this summer.