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Harper Green

World Autism Awareness Week

Published on 16th March 2021

We are proud to be supporting the National Autistic Society this year by taking part in the Super 7 Challenge during Autism Awareness Week from Monday, 29th March until Sunday, 4th April 2021.

Autism Awareness Week aims to improve people's understanding of autism and help make the world friendlier to those affected by it. 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum, and there are around 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK alone. Though everyone on the spectrum may have different experiences and needs, World Autism Awareness Week is a chance to speak up for the rights of all autistic people and highlight the social, economic, health and educational obstacles that many autistic people face.

This year's theme, Super 7 Challenge, encourages people to take on a 7-themed challenge to support the 700,000 autistic people living in the UK. For more information, visit www.autism.org.uk.