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Resistant Materials and Graphic Products

As Technology changes at a rapid rate, the department adapts to meet demands of pupils and training providers. Given that CADCAM now underpins all manufacturing, it is particularly relevant that our pupils become familiar with the key elements of these processes. The department now has two 3D printers, a laser cutter and two Roland CAMM1 cutters allowing pupils to realise their ideas in an technologically relevant and inspiring way.


Pupils are encouraged to look into new careers in animation, electronic games design and CAD operation (especially with the burgeoning media hub happening in and around Media City in Salford) as well as traditional trades and disciplines. It is hoped that the department goes some way to equipping students to be adaptive and resilient learners  in the 21 Century labour market.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • Design Skills and Drawing Techniques with one Resistant Material project (Toy Car) and one Graphics project (Cinema specs)
  • Hand tool selection and use form the Workshop cupboard
  • Modelling using an iterative approach to design
  • Learning how to critically evaluate products
  • Developing simple CAD skills
  • One double lesson per week

Year 8

  • Electronics project further deepens design skills (Mood light project)
  • Iterative modelling and evaluative skills developed with the Phone charger stand
  • Further CAD skills build upon previous understanding
  • Further CAM skills demonstrate how products are manufactured in the modern world
  • Developing communication skills  using annotation and freehand sketching
  • One double lesson per week

Year 9

  • Further design skills allowing creativity in design and realisation of a photo frame.
  • Fine woodworking skills with decorative box project
  • Packaging projects look to challenge perceptions over recycling and develop fine Photoshop skills
  • Further CAD/CAM skills that underpin GCSE requirements
  • Either One double or one single lesson per week


Key Stage 4

The Department offers:

  • AQA Graphic Products. This is suitable for entry into Art and Design based careers such as electronic games design, architecture, animation, Television or Film or graphic design.
  • AQA Resistant Materials. Traditional trades such as joinery or engineering as well as CAD operator or furniture/product designer.


Future Opportunities

The Department has recently purchased a 3D printer and the hope is to develop this as a resource for Enterprise activities as well as cross curricular CAD/CAM based new technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) collaborative projects.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Extra-curricular opportunities look to strengthen GCSE pupils’ performance through a sustained intervention programme both at lunchtimes and after school.