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(Careers Education,  Information, Advice & Guidance)

Inspiring IAG Gold award           

Inspiring IAG – ‘Quality in Careers Standard’ Award         

In January 2020, Harper Green School was awarded the 'Quality in Careers Standard’ for our ongoing commitment to Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CE/IAG) for all students.

As part of the re-accreditation for this award we are required to undertake an external review each year and are delighted to announce that we have successfully met the award review criteria. 

The ‘Careers in Quality Standard’ enables our school to gain recognition for our careers provision and good practice. The framework we follow ensures we are meeting national guidance and legislation. It raises the profile of CE/IAG and supports its continuous improvement.

At Harper Green, we prepare students for life beyond full time education. Our aim is to inspire and motivate students by providing them with access to the information, advice and guidance needed to give them the knowledge and confidence to take control of their future pathway plans and realise their ambitions.

We believe everyone has the potential to succeed and grow and as part of the Leverhulme Academy Trust we are here to provide the best possible education and preparation for the future for all of our students.

Please click here to see the award Code of Practice.




Click on the links below to access a range of useful post 16 planning resources for both parents and pupils.


Should you need further Advice & Guidance please contact the following members of staff during school hours:


Mrs L Halliwell – Careers Leader – 01204 572941 ext 4348 or email to halliwelll@harpergreen.net


Mrs K Garner – Connexions Careers Advisor – Thursday & Friday - 01204 572941 ext 4109 or email to kathryn.garner@bolton.gov.uk



Further Education in Bolton and Surrounding Areas

Future Steps Guide To Apprenticeships

Qualifications Guide


NLTG Apprenticeship Prospectus What I Can Do Next


Post 16 Provider Open Events 20/21











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 Parent & Student CE/IAG Information Booklet




Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme at Harper Green School


At Harper Green School we are committed to helping each student, irrespective of ability, to achieve their full potential.  Through a structured and stable programme we seek to provide our students with the advice and guidance they need to help them develop the knowledge and skills needed to make informed and successful choices which will reward them in their future endeavours and the world of work.

We have developed the programme using the Gatsby Foundation’s Benchmarks and the guidelines as outlined in the DfE “Careers guidance and access for education and training providers” document, Jan 2018. We aim to bring out the best in everyone, operating across the curriculum and through specific careers-focused activities, to offer a broad and balanced exposure to post-16 progression routes and pathways. We firmly believe that every child should leave school prepared for life and our high quality, independent careers guidance is crucial in ensuring our students make good, well thought out plans for their post 16 pathways.

As a school we will develop and inform our students by:

  • encouraging the development of self-awareness and independent thinking;
  • helping them to understand the decision-making process;
  • equipping them with information on current opportunities;
  • providing appropriate resource materials for research and evaluation;
  • offering support from our experienced and knowledgeable guidance team;
  • promoting a culture in which the pupils set for themselves ambitious goals, which will advance their interests and passions.
  • providing a wealth of inspirational IAG experiences which will inform, motivate and encourage our students to aim high and fulfil their personal aspirations.




The Senior Leadership Team and governing body are highly committed to the continued development and provision of CE/IAG to all students.

Mrs Halliwell, Careers Lead at Harper Green and Mr T Colluney, the CE/IAG link governor meet each year to discuss the impact of the CE/IAG programme and a CE/IAG update report is delivered to governors annually.  The commitment from school leaders is demonstrated in the resources available and the IAG opportunities offered across the school, to students and parents/carers, throughout the year. The resulting stable and structured careers programme has the explicit backing of the senior leadership team and governing body and prepares our students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. Benchmark 1



As a pupil of Harper Green School you are entitled to receive a programme of careers education, advice, information and guidance.  Your CEIAG programme will help develop and inform by:

  • encouraging the development of self-awareness and independent thinking;
  • helping you to understand the decision-making process;
  • equipping you with information on current opportunities;
  • providing you with appropriate resource materials for research and evaluation;
  • offering support from our experienced and knowledgeable guidance team;
  • promoting a culture in which you can set yourself ambitious goals which will advance your interests and passions.
  • providing you with a wealth of inspirational IAG opportunities, activities and experiences which will inform, motivate and encourage you to aim high and fulfil your personal aspirations.
  • developing your interview skills and improve your confidence
  • providing you with post 16 organisation visits, employer encounters and workplace experiences
  • providing additional support with transition planning for those students requiring extra support to engage with and settle into their post 16 education choice. Students who are at greater risk of becoming NEET will have transition planning sessions with the careers advisor, the SEND team or other appropriate member of staff in year 11. Working closely with Connexions and the LA the school will track all year 11 leavers for two terms to ensure students have made a successful transition and to offer further support or signpost to support where necessary.  


  During you time at school, you will receive:

  • Careers education during form time
  • PSCHE lessons, Enrichment Curriculum lessons & CEIAG activities
  • Opportunities to visit at least two post 16 providers by the time you leave in Y11
  • Opportunities to visit places of work and learn about real life work experiences in Year 9 and Year 10
  • Access to the Connexions Advisor
  • Access to Careers resources in the careers area in the common room, year 11 form rooms and the school library , information is available in books, school website, leaflets and on computer
  • Links to careers within your different subject areas relevant to the world of work
  • Access to a range of training providers so you can make informed decisions
  • Experience of a Professional Interview
  • Information about and access to organisations covering the full range of post 16 qualifications
  • IAG monthly news bulletin in year 11
  • Presentations from at least five post 16 providers along with the Connexions Careers Guidance Service, STEM organisations, employers and Apprenticeship services.

 You can expect to be:

  • Treated equally with others
  • Supported to help you achieve your personal ambitions and to have access to an impartial careers advisor to assist you in developing a realistic plan to succeed in your aims
  • Given careers information and advice that is up to date and impartial
  • Treated with respect by visitors to the school who are part of the careers programme




Throughout the year

  • Year 7- 11 calendared informative and aspirational assemblies delivered by external speakers from local colleges, training providers, STEM advocates, UTC’s, Apprenticeship providers, Aim Higher and local employers. Benchmarks 2,3,4,5,7
  • Access to an independent careers advisor in years 7-11. Benchmarks 3,8
  • Identifying and supporting the post 16 needs of SEN students by way of early careers interviews with our Connexions advisors and working with the SENCo and pupil services in FE establishments ensuring any extended transition needs are met and the correct support is in place. Benchmarks 3,8
  • Working with the Greater Manchester Higher Network in particular the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP), which has been established to address barriers within progression to Higher Education. Benchmarks 3,7,8
  • Curriculum subject led visits to local employers to inspire and inform pupils and establish stronger links with the business community. Benchmarks 4,5,6
  • One to one Careers guidance interview for all our year 11 students with our Connexions advisor to discuss the many and varied options available post 16 and to support students in their decision making processes ensuring they are provided with up to date and relevant information. Benchmarks 2,3,8
  • IAG monthly bulletin sent to all year 11 students reminding them of any IAG activities taking place in school that month and also any upcoming post 16 open evenings and application deadlines.
  • Informative and inspirational displays throughout the school including aspirational past pupil case studies and relevant finance and labour market information. Alumnae are invited and encouraged to submit their post 16 experiences and achievements for inclusion in the schools newspaper and website and as case study posters displayed around school. Benchmarks 2,3,4,7
  • Substantial and up to date CE/IAG section of our schools website with links to careers information, online resources and links to documents produced by the school to assist our students in their post 16 choices. Benchmarks 1,2
  • Subject specific career presentations in years 7-11 delivered by employers/post 16 providers particularly focusing on STEM subjects. Benchmarks 2,4,5,7
  • An external presentation and displays in school promoting the National Citizen Service.
  • A programme of lunch-time advice & application drop in sessions from a range of post-16 representatives to include FE, HE, 6thform colleges, local employers, and technical & apprenticeship providers. Benchmarks 2,3,7,8


  • IAG evening attended by 30+ local HE, FE, training providers, Apprenticeship ambassadors, UTC’s, local employers, armed service representatives and careers advisors for all year 10 & 11 students and parents/carers. Benchmarks 2,3,5,7,8
  • All year 10 & 11 parents receive a detailed and informative IAG booklet which details all of the activities and events we provide in terms of post 16 preparation and includes useful information regarding apprenticeships, traineeships, available financial support, CV’s, interviews and provides website information relating to post 16 opportunities. This is also available on the schools website. Benchmarks 2,3,8
  • Year 10 & 11 pupils receive an Apprenticeship information booklet giving details of the different types of apprenticeships available, qualifications needed and gained, case studies and an example CV and cover letter alongside an apprenticeship overview assembly delivered by Connexions. This is also available on the school website. Benchmarks 3,8
  • CV and personal statement sessions during from time in year 11. Benchmark 1


  • Professional Interview day for all our year 11 students. Interviewers are made up of representatives from HE/FE establishments, the armed forces, training providers, local employers and alumnae. Benchmarks 2,5,7
  • Extended transition sessions for identified year 11 students which includes personalised taster visits to local colleges and training providers and in school sessions with representatives from post 16 providers. Benchmarks 3,7,8
  • Year 8 Options evening attended by our independent careers advisor. Benchmarks 3,4,8
  • Year 9 Careers Day at a local college. This day allows students to sample several different courses, making the link with the career pathways they can lead onto and allows them to experience a typical college day. Benchmarks 2,4,7


  • Year 7 PSHE Scheme of work in HT6 focusing on decision making and self-awareness and exploring career options and employability skills. Benchmarks 1,2,3,4,8
  • Year 8 PSHE Scheme of work in HT6 focusing on CEIAG and preparation for option choices. Benchmarks 1,2,3,4,8
  • One week of Work Experience in year 10. Benchmarks 2,5,6
  • All years Careers Week – details below

HT6 – Careers week – All years










Week 4

Employer Assembly –Year 10

Benchmarks 1,2,3 & 5


Employability Skills in form time

Benchmarks 1,2,3


Careers Focus in curriculum subjects

Benchmarks 1,3, 4



Work Ex preparation, employability skills and LMI sessions with employers - Year 10 Students

Benchmarks 2,3,5


Women in STEM assembly  - 9&10

Benchmarks 1,2,3 & 5


Employability Skills in form time

Benchmarks 1,2,3


Careers Focus in curriculum subjects

Benchmarks 1,3, 4


Year 10 Post 16 Taster Day – Students will spend the day visiting and sampling courses at a FE provider. These include, but are not limited to, FE colleges, sixth form colleges, apprenticeship providers and technical colleges. Benchmarks 3,7


Employer Assembly – Year 9

Benchmarks 1,2,3 & 5


LMI info in form time all years

Benchmarks 1,2,3


Careers Focus in curriculum subjects

Benchmarks 1,3, 4



Work Shadow Day  - Years 7, 8 & 9 students to spend 1 day in a workplace gaining practical knowledge and experience of the world of work

Benchmarks 2,5,6 & 7

Have a Go Day - Years 7, 8 & 9 - Students participating in practical sessions with local employers and FE providers, Q&A time and gathering LMI and pathways information. Benchmarks 2,4,5,7


Employer Assembly

- Year 8

Benchmarks 1,2,3 & 5


Pathways info in form time all years

Benchmarks 1,2,3


Careers Focus in curriculum subjects

Benchmarks 1,3, 4



Year 10 Post 16 Taster Day - Students will spend the day visiting and sampling courses at a FE provider. These include, but are not limited to, FE colleges, sixth form colleges, apprenticeship providers and technical colleges. Benchmarks 3,7


Employer Assembly – Year 7

Benchmarks 1,2,3 & 5


Future Me session in form time all years

Benchmarks 1,2,3


Careers Focus in curriculum subjects

Benchmarks 1,3, 4




Your role as partners in CEIAG

Teachers and School Staff – To provide learners with opportunities to discover and learn about careers and employability, engage with the wider business community and with employers inside and outside of the classroom. To link schemes of learning with the world of work and to discuss experiences, your pathways, skills development and progression with students. Useful subject related websites.

Students – To engage with all the CEIAG events and learning opportunities that are provided for you - ask questions, research and discover all you can about future possibilities. To engage fully with the work related learning opportunities on offer through years 7-11.

Parents/Carers – To be aware of the CEIAG events and to instigate meaningful discussions with your child in relation to future plans and pathway options. To support your child make post 16 applications before deadlines and to use CEIAG resources and websites to help support at home. Useful websites for parents/carers.

Past pupils – To keep school up to date with your post 16 and post 18 destinations – courses and qualifications and learning establishments you attended and to support current students by informing school if you are happy to come into school to give small group presentations about your personal post 16 pathways – Email Mrs Halliwell with pathways and destination info on halliwelll@harpergreen.net

Employers and the wider community – We would love to hear from you if you could support the school either by helping with a CEIAG event at the school, at your place of work or by offering work experience. Please contact halliwelll@harpergreen.net


Destination Data, Measures and Tracking

As part of our commitment to the GATSBY career benchmarks, Statutory Guidance and the progression of our students, we work closely with the LA, the Connexions service and our FE and training provider partners to track student destinations for up to three years after their leaving date.

In order to do this we obtain ‘live’ intended destination information from students in year 11 via form tutors/Head of CEIAG/Connexions Advisor which is recorded on GO 4 Schools. We maintain records of students guidance interviews to ensure our students are choosing an appropriate destination. Destinations will be different for every student and is determined by a range of factors – attainment, or predicted attainment, aptitudes, subject choices, hobbies and interests, career aspirations, skills and talents and the labour market. This combination of factors means there will be several appropriate options for each student. It is therefore important that every student has access to good quality career guidance and is able to consider and assess the range of options available to them.


On GCSE results day we ask students to complete theData consent form for Post 16 destinations Information gathering and sharing’. This information is also used to update GO 4 schools.


After leaving Harper Green we monitor and track students by making good use of the effective data-sharing agreements in place with our post 16 FE partners along with support from our LA and Connexions Careers Service. We gather enrolment information from colleges and training providers and obtain the annual activity survey report from Connexions and the LA. We work closely with Connexions to continue to provide guidance and support to those students that may need it.


We contact past pupils by telephone 24 months after leaving school, using the contact details provided by the student on results day on the Data consent form for Post 16 destinations Information gathering and sharing. We also receive destination information from colleges regarding students post 18 choices and use both of these information sources along with information gathered from sibling connections, social media, peer networks and past pupil/teacher ‘keeping in touch’ networks to develop our alumni of leavers and gather post 16 and post 18 destination information.


We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and encourage our students to challenge stereotypes, support them in overcoming any barriers and equip them with the skills and knowledge to ensure they achieve their full potential.


All students in years 7-11 are entitled to find out about technical education and apprenticeship opportunities as part of our careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point. Students are given multiple opportunities to hear from a range of local providers, including technical education and apprenticeship providers about their post 16 offer through options events, assemblies, lunchtime workshops and taster events. Our Connexions Advisor provides full support and guidance on how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.

 A provider wishing to request access should contact L Halliwell, CEIAG Leader on 01204 572941 ext 4348 or email to halliwellll@harpergreen.net

The above CEIAG opportunities offer providers scope to come into school to speak to students and on occasion, parents and carers. If your request can be accommodated by school, for example, providing there is adequate time within the school day for it to be reasonably run alongside any planned or timetabled activities that are already running, we will offer all possible assistance in granting you appropriate access. Please speak to our Careers Leader to identify the most suitable opportunity for you. The school will make appropriate facilities available- rooms, AV, IT etc - dependent on the activity. This must be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit.

Providers are welcome to leave a copies of their prospectus or other relevant course literature which will be made available for students in the Connexions area in the year 11 common room. The common room is available to all year 11 students before and after school and at break and lunch times.


Our programme is reviewed and evaluated throughout the year to ensure that we reflect any DfE Statutory changes and to ensure that we continue to deliver a broad and balanced careers programme. Evaluations from students, staff, providers and parents enables us to measure and assess the impact of the CEIAG provision. We also use destination measures data to assess how successfully students make the transition to post 16 education or employment. This ongoing reviewing and evaluating contributes to any changes we may make to the careers programme to ensure the needs of our students are met.

Adopted: November 2019

Reviewed: January 2021

Author: Mrs L Halliwell – CEIAG Leader


CV, Personal Statement and Post 16 Applications








The Application Process

  • Research colleges, training providers and courses
  • Visit the college Open Evenings
  • Attend the Careers Evenings in Years 10 & 11
  • Apply for the courses and colleges you decide best suit your needs. Remember to apply for at least 2 preferably more.
  • If you apply via the central online system you can apply for several courses and colleges in one go. There is no need to make multiple applications.

All colleges differ but generally, once your application has been received, the process is similar. The information below tells you what happens at each step and what the college will expect from you. You can use the list below to jump to each section:

  • Step 1 – Complete an application form
  • Step 2 – Attend an interview
  • Step 3 – Assessment
  • Step 4 – Offer of conditional place
  • Step 5 – Enrolment
  • Step 6 – Start of the new term

Step 1 – Complete an Application Form

Year 11 students have now progressed to completing post 16 applications. There are various ways which students can submit their applications - via a central online system, the post 16 providers own online application tool or by paper application, posted direct to the provider.

Your child will be given more information in form time about the central online system and we would recommend this as the preferred way to apply as students can complete just one application and send it to as many post 16 providers as they wish. As a general rule we would suggest applying to two or three different colleges.

If there is anything missing from your application form the college Admissions Team will call to speak to you.

All 16-18 year olds are required to provide contact details of their parent/carer.

Step 2 – Attend an Interview

The college will contact you via email/text/letter with a date and time 2 weeks before the interview date. This will give details of what you need to do to book an interview or will give details of your interview date & time. You may need to book an interview time via phone or using an online booking system – the details of how to do this will be in the invitation. Please let the college know if you aren't able to make an interview so they can send a new interview invitation out. If they don’t hear from someone who hasn’t arrived they will presume they no longer want an interview and offer it to someone else.

Dress code for interviews is either smart casual or school uniform.

If the subject requires an audition or portfolio of work the college will put the details in the invitation, and a reminder on the booking form.

The college will usually send a text reminder out the day before the interview.

Step 3 – Assessment

All new applicants are required to take an initial assessment to find out their maths and English levels.

The results of the assessment helps the college to place new learners on the right course.

Some subject areas also carry out additional pre-enrolment tests. If this is the case, you'll be told at your interview.

Step 4 – Enrolment

All new learners are given a conditional offer - conditions can include achieving specific GCSE results, securing a work placement, attending a College Taster, obtaining a DBS or receiving a satisfactory reference from their school.

School leaver enrolment traditionally takes place on GCSE results day however this may not be the case across all colleges and training providers. You will receive a letter from the college regarding the dates for enrolment.

You will need to take your qualification results/certificates to enrolment.

Step 5 - Start of the New Term

That's it! You have successfully completed the next step of your educational journey.

You'll be sent information by the college regarding your timetable and the start date for the term.


Work Experience 2022







The 2021/22 academic year sees us welcoming back our year 10 work experience programme.

Work Experience for Year 10’s will take place the week commencing 11th July 2022 (Band G) and the week commencing 18th July 2022 (Band H). 

 All year 10 students have now received a Work Experience Pack including;

  • Letter to Parents
  • Information booklets for Parents & Students
  • Work Experience Placement Form

Our Work Experience launch assembly took place on Tuesday 14th September 2021. During this assembly our year 10 students were briefed on the work experience programme and encouraged to attend the Y10 & 11 Careers Evening on Thursday 23rd September to discuss the finding of placements with Tailored Education, our WEX provider.

If students need any support at any point throughout the work experience process they can contact Mrs Halliwell in the Careers Hub (Music Corridor)

Copies of all the documentation relating to Work Experience can be viewed by clicking on the links above.


  • Letter to Parents
  • Information booklets for Parents & Students
  • Work Experience Placement Form


All year 10 students had an extra Work Experience launch assembly on Monday 23rd September


Our Work Experience partners, Tailored Education, will be present at the Year 10 & 11 combined Careers Evening on Thursday 26th September to discuss finding placements with parents and pupils.

If students need any support at any point throughout the work experience process they can contact Mrs Halliwell in the Careers Hub(Music Corridor).

Copies of all the documentation relating to Work Experience can be viewed by clicking on the links above.