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Biology Curriculum Overview 2017/18

Chemistry Curriculum Overview 2017/18

Physics Curriculum Overview 2017/18


Key Stage 3

Years 7 and 8

The KS3 curriculum has been condensed into two years with pupils in year 9 commencing the early application of key GCSE ideas and skills.

Pupils in years 7 start each year studying for their ‘practical license’, a series of lessons designed to introduce pupils to the hazards and skills needed to be successful in the laboratory. Following the award of the practical license the following topics are studied. At the end of each unit of work, the pupils sit an assessment which helps identify their strengths and the areas they need to develop further.


Topic covered in year 7

Topics covered in year 8


Structure and function of the body systems


Particles and their behaviour

Elements, atoms and compounds


Acids and alkalis





Health and lifestyle

Ecosystem processes

Adaptation and inheritance

The Periodic Table

Separation Techniques

Metals and acids

The Earth

Electricity and magnetism


Motion and pressure



Year 9 – Getting ready for GCSE Science

Pupils are readied for the commencement of GCSE Science at the start of year 10 by following a scheme of work that bridges the transition in skills and content between KS3 and KS4. At the end of each unit of work, the pupils sit an assessment which helps identify their strengths and the areas they need to develop further.


Key Stage 4


Year 10 and 11

There are two potential routes through KS4 science available to pupils at Harper Green. The route taken by each pupil is based on a recommendation following analysis of effort, commitment and progress at the end of year 9.


Route 1 – pupils study GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics over the two years of year 10 and 11 and leave with three separate GCSE science qualifications.

Route 2 – Pupils study GCSE Core Science in year 10 and GCSE Additional Science in year 11.

Both routes offer all pupils the opportunity to gain qualifications needed to study ‘A’ Level Sciences at Sixth Form Colleges.

Intervention in the form of the extended school day is run on a Thursday evening and is focussed on raising the achievement of all pupils to maximise their potential and progress in assessments, classwork and ultimately their GCSE examinations.



Future Opportunities

Science is useful in all occupations and is desirable for the majority of college courses and apprenticeships. Occupations where Science is essential include:-

·         Medicine

·         Veterinary Science

·         Forensics

·         Engineering

·         Health and Beauty


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There are many extra-curricular activities that take place in the Science department at Harper Green. These include a weekly science club for KS3 students where students will explore science using an enjoyable, hands on approach. There is also Physics residential where pupils hone their physics skills in a weekend away with some of the top physicists in the country.

Once a week Science Club is open to year 7 and 8 pupils.  This gives the opportunity to take part in a range of fun practicals that help develop skills and scientific thinking.